Game 9: Diamondbacks 10 Pirates 2

Here is a blow-by-blow description of what happened in the Pirates/Diamondbacks game this afternoon:

- Clint Barmes and John McDonald both in the starting lineup. Oh crap. 

- Jonathan Sanchez starting. Oh crap. 

- 3-0 Diamondbacks after one. Oh crap.

- 6-0 Diamondbacks four batters in to the second inning. 

- Third inning, Jonathan Sanchez still out there. 

- Fourth inning. Some guy named AJ Pollock homers. Sanchez is still out there. 

- Fourth inning. Martin Prado singles, Sanchez is removed. 

- Fourth inning. Chris Leroux walks the bases loaded.

- Fourth inning. Chris  Leroux walks in a run. 

- Fourth inning. Chris Leroux walks in another run. 

- Just want to point out that those things all happened in a row and immediately after Leroux was brought into the game.

- After That Point. Whatever. 

Yep. That sucked a lot.

Pat Lackey

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