Game 94: Pirates 8 Brewers 7

A full post with a run-down of all of the Adam LaRoche-related news is coming later tonight, but first let’s talk about the awesome Pirate win this afternoon.

In one game, the Pirates hit FIVE home runs, including a walk-off by Brandon Moss, blew a three-run lead, and came back from a two-run deficit. And in celebration, Ramon Vazquez untucked his shirt at home plate, which almost certainly assures that he’ll be beaned in September by some vengeance seeking Brewers reliever.

In the “huge performance” department for this game, there’s of course Moss and his homer, plus Ryan Doumit for his two homers in the first three innings, Garrett Jones for a homer and two doubles, Andy LaRoche and Ramon Vazquez for big ground-rule doubles during the rally to tie the game in the fifth, and Joel Hanrahan, for picking up the mess that Paul Maholm left for him and nailing down the end of the fifth, sixth, and seventh innings with three strikeouts, two hits, and no walks. Great performances all around to get a much-needed series win from the Brewers.

There aren’t many wins that are easy to get excited over in a season like this one for the Pirates, but this is certainly one of the ones that is.

Pat Lackey

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