Game 95: D’Backs 11 Pirate 4

The bottom of the fifth inning in this game felt kind of like what I imagine getting hit in the head with a sledgehammer feels like. Uh, metaphorically speaking of course.

Charlie Morton seemed to be cruising along after a rough first and a string of hits (keyed by Andrew McCutche and Garrett Jones’ doubles and Ryan Doumit’s home run) chased Danny Haren after five innings, making it his shortest and maybe even his worst start of the season. Then, Charlie Morton hit the wall, the game was tied at four in the blink of an eye. That was plenty to give me an awfully bad feeling about the remainder of the game, and Evan Meek, John Grabow, and Donnie Veal showed why, giving up five runs in two innings of work.

I suppose it’s par for the course for a team to peter out after cross-country travel, a trade, and an emotional win yesterday, but through four and a half in this one, I thought we had something going.

Adjusted to show the actual final score. I was previously ignoring the two runs given up by Donnie Veal. Just keep reminding yourself how crappy Evan Meek look last year and how good he’s looked this year. … What do you mean he gave up two runs last night?!?

Pat Lackey

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