Game 97: Cardinals 6 Pirates 4

There are no hard in fast rules anywhere in baseball or in life, but giving Chris Carpenter a four-run lead before he throws a pitch is a really good way to ensure that you don’t win a baseball game. The Pirates did just that tonight and even though they got to Carpenter a little bit as the game wore on, they just couldn’t ever pull themselves back into it. Garrett Jones and his trademark awful baserunning didn’t help in the sixth, nor did Chris Resop serving up a homer to dead center by Yadier Molina, but the four-run deficit was what did them in. 

So what now? The Pirates have lost two in a row for the first time since their four-game losing streak against the Indians and Orioles. A good team will bounce back with a strong effort tomorrow. How do the Pirates respond to their first real challenge since their surge to the top of the division? We’ll find out in the next two days.  

Pat Lackey

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