Gerrit Cole has a strong debut, Charlie Morton seems ready for return

Gerrit Cole’s professional debut went awfully well tonight; he only threw four innings for Bradenton but in those four innings, he struck out seven hitters, walked one, and only gave up one run on four hits. Maybe not overwhelmingly impressive, but certainly a good start to his professional career. The Marauders eventually lost and the offense didn’t do much besides Drew Maggi’s two hits, but Cole’s strong debut is the most important thing in this one. 

In news that’s much more important to the Pirates’ immediate future, Charlie Morton made his rehab start in Indianapolis tonight and he struck out eight hitters in 7 2/3 innings, holding Toledo to one run on six hits and a walk. He threw 98 pitches, 63 strikes, and got 10 groundouts to one flyout. it’s awfully hard to imagine he won’t be ready when his turn comes up in the Pirates’ rotation this time next week. Also, Starling Marte went 2-for-4 and homered, which is pretty awesome to see, too. 

Pat Lackey

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