Happy to see the Cards?

Did you ever actually think you’d be happy to see the St. Louis Cardinals? The team that’s owned us for the better part of the past decade? Because right now, I’d be happy to see just about any baseball team other than the Brewers take the field opposite the Pirates. The Cardinals fall into that broad category, so bring it on, St. Louis.

Zach Duke gets the ball in hopes of stopping this latest three-game losing skid, but even a win tonight doesn’t really snap the team out of the seven-in-eight funk we’re in. It’s a place to start, though, and I guess Duke vs. the rookie Mitchell Boggs is as good a place as any to try and right this ship. Delwyn Young gets the start for the Bucs in right tonight, even though Brandon Moss has started to hit a little bit in the past couple games, while Colby Rasmus is in center for Rick Ankiel after his scary accident over the weekend. And of course the game will be played right in the middle of both hockey and Lost.

Pat Lackey

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