Harvey and Gomez

It's nice that the Pirates have cruised to two easy wins in the middle of this series against the Mets, because their backs are certainly up against the wall today. Matt Harvey is on the mound for the Mets against Jeanmar Gomez. Harvey has been incredible this season, with a 1.28 ERA, 58 strikeouts, and just 12 walks in 49 1/3 innings spread over seven starts. In his last outing, he faced 28 hitters in nine complete innings, striking out 12 and only allowing one hit. The Mets have won six of his seven starts. On the other hand, Gomez made a really nice start his last time out against the Mariners and the Mets offense is struggling right now, scoring four runs or fewer in their last six games. The best the Pirates can probably hope for is that Gomez keeps the Pirates close and that they somehow rack up a big pitch count against Harvey (you know, by taking five or six pitches to strike out instead of just three), chasing him after maybe six innings. 

First pitch today is at 1:10. When you see the pink bats on the field, remember to call your mom. 

Pat Lackey

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