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No recap from last night (“Crappy pitcher shuts us down, bullpen fails” it would read), but I did want to mention some minor league stuff today. Usually I’m happy to let Tim and Brian do full-on minor league updates because I don’t have the time to do them right, but there are some performances worth noting right now.

Jose Tabata in July: .372/.406/.511. Yes, that line is incredibly batting average driven, but it’s also the first month Tabata’s really been healthy this year. And as everyone loves to point out, he’s in Double-A and his 21st birthday isn’t until next month.

Pedro Alvarez in July: .362/.408/.609 with four homers and 20 strikeouts in 76 PAs (26.3%). The strikeouts are still a bit high, yes, but Pedro’s first month in Double-A is going very well, especially considering his performance in Lynchburg.

Brad Lincoln’s last start: Six innings, six strikeouts, no walks, and two earned runs on seven hits. Not bad against Durham, the third highest scoring team in the International League. Hopefully he’s starting to settle in at the Triple-A level.

Robbie Grossman, Starling Marte, Tony Sanchez, and of course Rudy Owens have continued their good performances in West Virginia, but I think it’s worth noting that some of our better prospects in the upper levels of the system are starting to perform well.

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