Here are 59 scouting reports filed by Dave Littlefield

Last week, the Baseball Hall of Fame opened up their "Diamond Mines" online exhibit, letting you dive into a huge treasure trove of scouting reports on players throughout history. The whole thing is a lot of fun and you can waste hours upon hours searching for reports on your favorite players. I'm going to recommend that you start here, with 59 scouting reports filed by Dave Littlefield in 1992, just after he started with the Expos. 

Read about Derek Jeter's "hi butt" and Johnny Damon's "strong face!" Do you think that when Littlefield said Ron Villone was going to be a #2 starter, he had the 2002 Pirates (his first full year as general manager!) in mind? 

This is certainly unfair to Littlefield. I don't really mind.

Important hat-tip to @Ugarles for sending me this WSJ article, helping me to realize that there were Littlefield reports in the HOF database. 

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