Hitting a lot of home runs seemed to be a good strategy … let’s try it again!

The Pirates stumbled into the Brewers' formula for winning at Miller Park yesterday: just hit the ball over the fence a lot more than the other team does. Between Andrew McCutchen's line drive first inning shot and Pedro Alvarez's MAMMOTH late-game blast, there was another Pedro homer and a Neil Walker home run. With Jeff Locke dealing on the mound again, that sort of looked almost exactly what we all thought an Ideal Pirate Victory in 2013 was going to look like as far back as four years ago. Things haven't always gone according to plan, but that was still kind of nice to see. 

Anyway: a win today gives the Pirates a series win at Miller Park! Wandy Rodriguez is taking the mound against the struggling Yovani Gallardo, who still seems to own the Pirates anyway. First pitch is at 2:10.

Pat Lackey

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