Holiday driving links

I’m driving back to Western PA for Christmas today, so it seems like a good time to get together some holiday-style links. OK, they’re actually baseball-style, but it is December 23rd and all.

Things don’t look so good on the Justin Duchscherer front. Actually, I’m writing this at 10:00 on Tuesday night; he might’ve signed somewhere else already.

Matt Capps is choosing between the Cubs and Nats.

Brian at Raise the Jolly Roger has started a campaign to make Joel Hanrahan’s closer entrance “U Can’t Touch This,” which via the magic of Twitter has actually reached Hammerhead himself.

Tim at BuccoFans is doing his own decade countdowns. Today: Worst 10 Draft Picks. Yikes.

Presented without further comment, “Raul Mondesi is a rising star again — in Dominican Republic politics.”

Not Pirate related, but this fake Milton Bradley letter is hilarious.

What am I listening to on my drive today?

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