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I had a really long post written out as an examination of the relationship between fans and bloggers and players as a result of this story about Ian Snell from an Indianapolis TV, and somehow when I went to copy and paste a line in the last paragraph, I somehow kicked open Baseball Prospectus and my post was gone. I of course hadn’t even saved one draft and I don’t have time to redo all of it now. What it boiled down to was this; it wasn’t fair of me to assume that I knew what was going on in Ian Snell’s head and essentially pasting a personality on him to match what I thought he was like from his interviews and behavior on TV. It’s easy to assume that as fans, we can talk about athletes and they won’t hear us and we won’t affect them, but that’s clearly not the case in 2009 and no one should know that better than me. This is exactly why I think we have to give Lastings Milledge a chance before bravding him as a bad egg.

Writing the Pine interviews Ross Ohlendorf.

Rinku and Dinesh will pitch for the GCL Pirates if it ever stops raining in Bradenton.

Today, as you likely know, is July 2nd. This isn’t the deadline for signing Latin American prospects, as I think some people seem to think it is, but rather the first day the market is over. Lots of teams work out deals ahead of time that are announced today and other players sign immediately today, but Miguel Angel Sano isn’t expected to be one of those players. If something does happen today, I’m sure Chuck Finder and DK will be all over it at PBC. Beyond that, keep an eye on both Kiley McDaniel and Jorge Arangure, who are watching this closely and posting updates on Twitter today.

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