I’m sad and happy all at once

#pirates tried for pavano. clint hurdle really impressed the pitcher. but understandable he chose to stay w/winning teamThu Jan 20 00:17:29 via web

Carl Pavano and his age and his low strikeout rate would’ve likely equaled an eight-figure, multi-year disaster on the level of Matt Morris for the Pirates, so I’m happy we didn’t sign him. But every time any free agent brushes the Pirates off because of the history of the last 18 years, I feel a little twinge of sadness. Why should anyone think the Pirates would be attractive to any free agent anywhere? 

Updated to add: I imagine when Neal Huntington tried to convince Pavano to come pitch for the Pirates, it went something like this. Ah, classic Dugouts! I still love the internet. 

Pat Lackey

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