Interleague play (dun dun dun)

OK, so the Pirates have made it through (approximately) one quarter of 2009 with a 19-22 record. This is a nice start towards evading the horrors of being the worst professional sports franchise in history. But now? Now interleague play starts. The Death Star to the Pirates’ Alderaan. Nothing ruins a good old fashioned run at .500 like interleague play. We get most of the AL Central this year, which is the division that olbiterated us in 2006 while catapulting WHYGAVS towards minor internet fame.

And yet, I don’t feel all that worried. The White Sox are not very good. They got pasted 20-1 by the Twins yesterday. Jake Peavy wants nothing to do with them. Bring it, interleague play.

Zach Duke and Gavin Floyd get the starts tonight while JR has chosen to sit Andy LaRoche for Ramon Vazquez. He says it’s just to get him a night off, but it looks awfully suspicious in light of last night’s pinch-hitting episode. Did LaRoche react to that as poorly as the fans did? Is there something running even deeper than that? Or are we reading too much in to things?

Pat Lackey

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