It starts tonight

With most of the Littlefield Pirates gone and Lastings Milledge in Pittsburgh, whatever it is that Neal Huntington is building towards begins tonight. We’ve all heard everything there is to hear about Milledge, but tonight we actually get to see him. I won’t lie, I’m excited.

I’m also of the opinion that this Pirate team as currently configured right now won’t be nearly as bad as people think. We’ll find out this weekend; if they can’t score against the Nats, they’re not going to score against anyone. John Lannan and Ross Ohlendorf take the mound tonight to kick off what’s certain to be a series only noticed by people outside of Pittsburgh and Washington if they take enough time to joke about it.

One final note: I previewed the series and talked a bit about trades and the general direction of these two franchies with fellow Bloguineer Will Yoder over at The Nats Blog, so click the link and check it out.

Pat Lackey

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