It’s feeling like 2003


“The free-agent market is not over,” president Frank Coonelly said during the second question-and-answer session with management this weekend. “We’re still being very active. I would be very surprised if we don’t … sign players that you would fall in love with this year, between now and the beginning of Spring Training.”

Now, I know there’s lots of aversion to signing free agents because of the way that Dave Littlefield handled things in his disastrous run as GM, but Charlie’s got a good post up on his blog about how the Nationals did a nice job of turning stop-gap free agent acquisitions into useful prospects, and it’s something that Huntington and company can take to heart.

I’m guessing the team is looking at someone to come in and play left/right field for 2009 until Andrew McCutchen is ready, probably in 2010. I mean, there’s got to be more to this kind of talk than Braden Looper, right?

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