It’s only a matter of time, I hope

The Pirates face off against their old friend Ryan Vogelsong this afternoon, as they try to break out of a road-trip-long slump and get a positive result for the first time in a week. The Pirates have made a full losing turn of the rotation this week, so Kevin Correia takes the ball this afternoon to try and start a losing streak that started with him on Tuesday.

Of course, the loss on Tuesday wasn’t really Correia’s fault; he held the Dodgers to four hits and one run over six innings, but the Pirates didn’t score at all against Clayton Kershaw and so his strong effort wasn’t enough. Vogelsong would seem to be due to come back to earth a bit after his amazing return from obscurity last year, but against the Pirates … you know the rest. 

First pitch today is at 4:05, which at least means that if the Pirates foul things up as bad as they did last night, most people won’t be watching to notice.  

Pat Lackey

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