Joel Hanrahan stares into the eyes of the beast*, emerges unscathed

Awesome injury news out of Bradenton today; Joel Hanrahan met with Dr. James Andrews and his ailing elbow was cleared by the doc, which means that he can resume throwing and might be ready for Opening Day. Not sure there’s much else to say here; the bullpen is better with the Hammer in it than it is without him, and so the fact that he doesn’t have real damage and won’t miss significant time is excellent news.

*I fully recognize that it’s unfair to characterize Andrews as a “beast” and that he’s just the guy that fixes the pitchers that have broken themselves. It’s just that so many guys are injured these days that his name has become a harbinger of doom. Really, it’s just more fun to think of him as some sort of Cthulhu-like unspeakable evil force and that pitchers aren’t actually injured until Andrews wills them to be injured. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Andrews Birmingham wgah’nagl fhtagn.

Pat Lackey

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