Just a few links

Chris Gomez is a Pirate no more. Yaaaaaaaaaawn.

I really like Nicolas’ idea to do a sort of Pirates’ “Futures Game.” I’m pretty sure the team used to do something like this in the 90s, but stopped.

RIP Dave Roberts (1979 Pirates’ version)

I know I wrote this at FanHouse a couple days ago, but how friggin’ weird is John Smoltz going to look in a Red Sox uniform?

Replacement Level Yankees Blog has run the Hardball Times projections through a simulator 100 times and has the standings posted. Guess what? The sim says the Pirates are going to win 68 games! Unheard of! (via BBTF)

That’s pretty much it. What a boring time of year. Is it time for camp yet? When does the WBC start?

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