Kovacevic: Morgan for Milledge might be close

Link. Updates posted here if they come.

Quick updates. I’m getting a lot of traffic, so I’ll post the link to what I wrote over the weekend about this deal; I like it if it happens. And if you’re looking for up to the second information, keep an eye on the PBC blog and make sure you’re following both Dejan and Ed Price (shameless fellow FanHouser plug, I know, but Price is usually all over stuff like this) on Twitter.

DK UPDATES: Sean Burnett and Joel Hanrahan would be included. Not official yet, but sounds awfully close.

2:43- That last post by DK has been updated to say that the trade is agreed to in principle. I have to go to the airport to pick up my brother, so I won’t be around a computer for a couple hours. If this does happen, I’ll honestly miss Morgan; he was an awesome guy to have around from a fan’s perspective. That said, he’s almost 29 and the situation the Pirates are in dictates that they have to roll the dice on Milledge, I think. I’ll have a much longer take later.

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