Let’s hope Jeff Suppan doesn’t end this

The Pirates are rolling right now with five wins in a row, and if they tore the cover off the ball last night against Kyle Lohse and co., hopefully they can do the same thing again against Jeff Suppan. The Bucs send Brian Burres to the mound tonight. Burres has been pretty good in his return to the rotation this last week or so, but I’m pretty far from sold on him. I will say that his peripherals have been pretty good in those three starts (he’s struck out 12 and walked just one in 20 innings), so maybe I’m wrong and there’s something there. It’s going to take more than a few good starts in September to convince me, but this time of year is at least the place to start (see: John Bowker, who’s on fire).

Anyways, the first pitch is at 12:35, so enjoy the second to last afternoon of 2010 when you can turn on your radio or plug your headphones into a computer and listen to some baseball.

Pat Lackey

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