Let’s win one in Milwaukee

Forget a sweep or a series win, the Pirates just badly need a victory in Miller Park right now. Today represents a pretty good chance to do so. The ever-evolving Ross Ohlendorf takes the mound for the Pirates, hoping that his increase in velocity can translate to another win over the struggling Jeff Suppan. If the Pirates don’t win in Miller Park today, it might not ever happen.

There are a few interesting pieces of news today. One is that Ryan Doumit is back in the lineup after a game and a half on the sidelines. Daniel McCutchen has also been scratched from his spot on Team USA for the baseball World Cup in favor of a start with the Pirates on Monday and possibly a role as the Pirates’ sixth starter in September. He was very good in July and he’s been awesome in August and since he’s 26, it seems like the time is now to see how he’ll fare in the majors.

Also, the Pirates have offered extensions to their entire coaching staff for 2010. I think this is probably the best coaching staff the Pirates have assembled since Leyland had Donnelly, Lamont, Miller, Sandt, and others on board with him in the early 90s, so it’s good news that the front office is trying to keep them together. There appears to be some question as to whether or not Perry Hill will want to return, though, so keep your fingers crossed that he stays and works with the infielders for at least one more year.

Pat Lackey

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