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Jack says he’s willing to restructure his deal for the Dodgers. Chin-Lung Hu and Delwyn Young, here we come! (note: excitement is feigned)

Fun Stat of the Week from John Dewan: you’re less likely to score a run in an inning with no one on base and no outs as you are with runners on first and third and two outs. Somehow, I feel like the Pirates offense has operated independently of these trends for years.

Is it a coincidence that the lead story on is about the winter meetings and the picture is of Ronny Paulino?

Get ready to be reminded that Khalil Greene was born in Butler 18 teams a season instead of just six.

John Van Benschoten signed a minor-league deal with the White Sox.

You likely saw this, but in case you missed it: ex-Pirate prospect Brent Lillibridge is headed to the White Sox in the Javier Vazquez trade. He’ll likely have a chance to start at second base for them next year.

Wilbur Miller has now added a Latin American page to his prospects site.

Slate has Rinku and Dinesh fever. They give some Pirate blogs some love.

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