Links for the day after

Reds’ blogger JinAZ has a writeup of the BP Night at PNC Park from Saturday. While I certainly had fun at my friend’s wedding this weekend, I’m insanely jealous of JinAZ and everyone that got to go listen to Dan Fox and Neal Huntington talk and meet Rocco and the BP guys and talk baseball all night.

I’m trying to leave this seventeen-year losing streak thing in the dust where it belongs, but yesterday my brother sent me a link to this t-shirt and I just can’t help but pass it along.

Call-ups: Bixler, Hacker, Diaz, Karstens and Veal (from the DL). I would’ve liked to see Clement, as well, but apparently his oblique injury will keep that from happening. Hopefully it also helps explain his performance of late.

I’ve really enjoyed DK’s wrapups of the minor league affiliates on the PBC Blog. So far we’ve got Bradenton, State College, West Virginia, Altoona, and Indianapolis, with only Lynchburg yet to come.

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