I’ve been waiting all off-season to see how some of the national guys rank the prospects in the Pirates system and yesterday, the first ranking came out. It’s Kevin Goldstein’s Top 11 for BP, and while it’s behind a subsriber wall, everyone can see the actual list of the prospects. It’s immediately clear that five of the top six and six of the top 11 are players acquired by Huntington in the last year. I’ve said this before, but I can’t stress this enough: this is the most important thing Huntington is doing right now. What happens with the actual Major League team is secondary to building a farm system. In the same vein, Wilbur Miller has updated his Top 20 list for the addition of Donnie Veal.

The Pirates are one of the three finalists for Derrick Turnbow. At least he can’t be worse than Denny Bautista?

At Bucs Dugout, Charlie has been running a series of posts about the things he believes in as a Pirate and baseball fan. Today, he makes four very good and very important points that I think every fan, especially fans of the Pirates, need to keep in mind.

There’s not one specific post to point to, but Pirate Revolution has been doing some interesting organizational overview work the past couple weeks and it’s worth it to take some time and check it out.

Also, I’ve put a new poll up in the sidebar.

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