First link today isn’t strictly Pirate-related. For the G-20, the PG compiled Dejan Kovacevic’s list of things he loves about Pittsburgh that used to run when he was on the road. For a Pittsburgh expat, it’s an amazing list. What a city. Why am I a Pirate fan? Because they’re from Pittsburgh.

Buried in last night’s misery was one bright event: Eric Hacker’s Major League debut. My Bloguin brother It’s About the Money has been following Hacker for some time; he interviewed Hacker last September and kept in touch in the off-season. Congrats to Hacker on overcoming his arm problems and making his debut last night.

In regards to the losing, DK does the legwork to let us know just how bad the Pirates are right now, but Andrew Johnson at FanHouse really put it in perspective for me this morning by writing that the last time the Pirates were this bad, Benjamin Harrison was president. Benjamin Harrison! He’s one of the presidents I can never remember!

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