More on Gorzelanny

Very, very interesting piece by John Perrotto about Tom Gorzelanny. Here’s an excerpt:

In Gorzelanny’s case, how he does in Indianapolis will determine if he has any future left with the Pirates. …


However, Gorzelanny also developed an attitude as his win total increased in 2007. He became surly at times with the media and more shut off from his teammates.

He became downright miserable last season when he stumbled to 6-9 record and a demonic 6.66 ERA in 21 starts.

First off, +1 for azibuck, who wrote on Wednesday:

He lost velocity last year, and I’ve got a pet theory that he’s a red-ass.

It’s pretty clear from the piece that the front office isn’t pleased with Gorzelanny right now. You know what happens to players Huntington isn’t pleased with, right? Traded for backup catchers.

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