More reader pics from Bradenton

Thanks this time to Tom Specht, who was kind enough to share some pictures from McKechnie with me. Remember, if you’ve got some pictures from Spring Training you’d like to share with those of us that can’t be there (and yes, we’re jealous), send them along and I’ll try to post them.

Here’s a nice shot of McKechnie:


And another of the outfield:


And a picture of the scoreboard. I’m glad Tom recognizes the significance of capturing any small moment in time that the Pirates are winning. I do this, too. McKechnie-scoreboard

Nate McLouth running the bases in what Bob Nutting must hope isn’t a sign of crowds to come at PNC:


A Pirate that I’m fairly certain is Andy LaRoche at the plate:


And the same guy (I think) on second base. Note the baggy pants. I had hope from a Dan Moskos journal entry that the team was going to make everyone where high socks this year, but that’s clearly not the case: baggy-pants

Thanks again to Tom for sharing these with me and everyone else!

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