More roster moves: Slaten, Moskos DFA, Oscar Tejada claimed

The Pirates’ roster shuffling continues. Before last night’s game, the club designated Danny Moskos for assignment to make room for Eric Fryer on the 40-man roster (remember that Chris Leroux is likely coming off of the 60-man DL in the near future; Moskos likely would’ve been the guy removed for Leroux, so the Pirates are just using this short window to get insurance for Barajas’s health before Fryer gets DFA again). Moskos seemed like a potentially promising reliever last year, but with Indy this year he’s having control problems and health problems and so it’s not hard to see why the Pirates don’t think he’s worth a roster spot. There’s a chance he’ll clear waivers, but it seems to me someone’s always interested in a left-handed reliever.

Today, they did this: 

Tejada’s been pretty bad at Double-A this year, but two years ago he was a 20-year old in Advanced-A that hit .307/.344/.455 with 11 homers and 32 doubles in 126 games. Given that the Red Sox just waived him and that he’s only hitting .262/.294/.396 in his second go-round at Double-A, so I doubt there’s much there, but then, there wasn’t much there with Slaten, either. 

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