Morosi: Pirates interested in Ramon Santiago

From FOX’s Hot Stove blog: 

The Pittsburgh Pirates have interest in free-agent Ramon Santiago as a potential everyday shortstop in 2012, major-league sources told

Santiago maintained a .685 OPS for the Detroit Tigers over the past three seasons while averaging roughly 100 games played per year. He’s regarded as a sure-handed defender at second base and shortstop. The 32-year-old has become immensely popular with his teammates in Detroit because of his leadership and confident, easygoing demeanor.

Nope, not terrible enthused here. Santiago can’t hit at all and he’s never played more than 85 games in a season at shortstop. His defensive reputation is generally good, but he’s also 32. Why you’d drop a reasonably priced Ronny Cedeno for Santiago is kind of beyond me. 

Pat Lackey

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