Next on the block: Ryan Doumit?

Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi reported yesterday on their blog that the Pirates would be willing to listen to offers for Ryan Doumit this winter and “not hesitate to move him” should the right offer be made. I think that pretty much everyone that’s seen how Neal Huntington operated over the summer more or less expected to hear something along these lines. I’m sure some people will be disappointed since Doumit signed that extension before the season, but a 29-year old that’s never played more than 114 games in a season just isn’t a building block. If Huntington can get something for him, he should take it.

The question right now, at least for me, is just how much Doumit could realistically be traded for. His injury history is daunting and any team that’s interested in him will know that they’re rolling the dice by acquiring him. Can the Pirates really get much for a guy that’s as injury-prone as Doumit? Would it be smarter to wait and see if he starts the season out on a tear to try and sell higher? Or is it smart to trade him now before he breaks both wrists and snaps an ankle in an unfortunate street crossing incident?

Pat Lackey

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