Off-day links

Since there’s no game today and I don’t want to think about how the Pirates are much closer to 1-8 than they are to 5-4, let’s get to some links I’ve been meaning to share.

Matt at PLC took a nice look at the weird outfield shift from the first game of the San Francisco series and found some interesting stuff about balls-in-play at PNC.

Cory from Titletahn was at Stephen Strasburg’s debut in Altoona and has a bunch of pictures and videos.

Wilbur Miller at Only Bucs looks at how Neal Huntington’s done at aquiring talent so far and notes that adding depth isn’t the same as adding top-flight talent (which is why the farm system can be much better than it was in the Littlefield era but still not all that highly rated) and why that makes the 2010 draft a huge moment for the team.

The Astros finally won a game today. I’m linking to the Technorati story because the author is a long-time reader/friend of the blog (you may recognize him from the comments as Geeves) who’s editing for Technorati Sports now and is looking for writers. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, get in touch with him.

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