On Neil Walker and Pittsburgh, plus Scott Boras

Some thoughts for an alarmingly cold Saturday morning (I know you northern folk don’t want to hear that from a guy living in North Carolina, but waking up to a 20 degree morning when you forgot to turn your heater on the night before is just not pleasant).

If Neil Walker were named Edward Jablonsky and he were from Topeka, would anyone in Pittsburgh care that he no longer has a position? He’d be just another busted draft pick from the ineffective Littlefield regime.

Also, I love the way that DK mentions Scott Boras’s claim that there’s lots of interest in Rick Ankiel then mentions that the Royals have signed Scott Podsednik and the Pirates are cooling on the outfielder. If everything about this Pirates/Ankiel situation were the same (meaning the Pirates are interested, Boras is claiming a growing market, and the Cardinals have just launched themselves future financial oblivion with Matt Holliday because Boras made them bid against themselves) except that the Pirates hadn’t changed general managers in 2007 (meaning Dave Littlefield is still in charge of the club in this hypothetical exercise), how terrified would you be right now? Because I’m uncomfortable even thinking about it.

Pat Lackey

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