On to Milwaukee

Braden Looper and Jeff Karstens go at 8:05 in Miller Park, a veritable house of horrors for the Buccos. Eric Hinske and Craig Monroe are getting starts tonight, Brian Bixler is still at short for Jack Wilson, and Freddy Sanchez is back at second base after a day off yesterday. Even with Freddy back, it’s hard to look at this lineup and process that it’s the starting lineup not just for a Major League team, but for one that’s currently 11-7.

Jeff Karstens is going to have to pitch better tonight than he did in his first two starts if he wants to avoid getting rocked by Milwaukee’s lineup. Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder are both heating up and it seems like Milwaukee’s bats are due for a breakout some time in the near future. Here’s hoping it’s not tonight.

Pat Lackey

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