Once upon a time, this series was important to people

As much as everyone is saying that the Indians/Pirates series this week isn’t a big deal, it still is to me. Growing up smack between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, I was always tempted by the awesome Indian teams of the 90s to give up my allegiance to the Pirates and turn to the dark side. I was incredibly jealous of my friends that were Indians’ fans. The second reason this series is important is because watching the Pirates piss away the whole summer losing baseball games is not fun, and having lost five of six and dropping to eight games below .500, the Pirates are in immediate danger of doing so (again). They now face off against a last place team with the chance to pull out of this skid. If they don’t, well, I don’t see things turning around for a while.

Anyway, this series gets kicked off when Ian Snell and David Huff, both guys that have been pretty disappointing this year, take the moundat 7:05 tonight.

Pat Lackey

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