Out in the cold

It’s my understanding that the weather in Pittsburgh is a little cold today, but the Pirates and Cardinals should get their series finale in before the unseasonal snow hits the ‘Burgh tonight and tomorrow. That I would, of course, love to see the Pirates steal a series win from St. Louis here, and they’ll have to beat Kyle Lohse to do it this afternoon. I feel like no pitcher has pitched against the Pirates more in the last few years than Lohse has; he made five starts against the Bucs last year alone. They haven’t been universally good starts, though, so maybe the Pirates can rally together some offense this afternoon in support of Erik Bedard.

Bedard’s had some command issues in his last two starts, so it’d be nice to see him combine the velocity of his last start against the Diamondbacks with the control he had on Opening Day against the Phillies. Having him and Burnett starting back to back is a potentially exciting thing for the Pirates; let’s hope he can give the Bucs a start to match the one that Burnett gave them last night.

The first pitch today is at 1:35.  

Pat Lackey

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