Pedro Gomez!

I tried to get a “Road to 17” together last night, but I’m getting into the years I was at Duquesne and attended a ton of games, which makes it harder to boil these posts down. Still, there will be one tomorrow and if I have time, I think I’m going to launch another off-season series tonight.

It’s community projection time at Bucs Dugout, which is always one of the more fun and interesting things to do in the winter/spring.

ESPN released their full Hall of Fame balloting late last week and Pedro Gomez voted for Jay Bell. That means Bell will receive at least one more Hall of Fame vote than Andy Van Slyke did. As the sponser of Bell’s BREF page, I guess I have to thank Gomez.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, Rickey Henderson should be getting the news that Rickey made the Hall around noon today. I’m sure that Rickey will be very pleased by this development.

FanGraphs has the CHONE projections posted. I haven’t had time to look at them yet (I will), but you can check them out now. There should be a slew of these coming out in the next few weeks, so I’ll be taking a closer look at them soon.

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