Before talking about tonight’s Pirate game, I want to take a second to air some grievances. This afternoon, the Twins are playing the Royals. Zack Grienke, the best pitcher on the face of the planet, is starting for the Royals while the Twins are one game behind the Tigers for the AL Central title. This is, quite literally, the only game of consequence this afternon. For some reason though, FOX, which holds the rights to all of the Saturday afternoon games, isn’t televising this game on any scale that even resemebles “nationally.” In Chapel Hill (which is not remotely a baseball market of any sort), I’m stuck with the Braves and the Nationals with absolutely no recourse because FOX doesn’t allow the games they hold the rights to to be broadcast on Extra Innings or Instead of being a showcase for great October baseball, FOX has driven me to watch a crappy football game between Penn State and Illinois.

Anyways, the Pirates look to continue their late season hot streak when Zach Duke makes his last start of the year against Johnny Cueto. Can they stay focused after clinching a sub-100 loss season? I’d like to see them ride this hot streak right to the end of the year. I guess we’ll find out tonight if that’s going to happen.

Pat Lackey

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