Pirates acquire Delwyn Young

Good thing the Bucs didn’t make the rumored Delwyn Young for Jack Wilson trade over the winter, because Young was DFA’d by the Dodgers on Monday and MLB.com is reporting that the Pirates have acquired him for two PTBNLs tonight.

I want to say that Young is a marginally-interesting semi-young player, but just typing that makes me think of George Carlin’s sketch on euphemisms and so instead I’ll say what I really mean: Young is a fourth outfielder. His minor league numbers are quite good, but I don’t know how well that high PCL batting average is going to translate to the big leagues and his line is pretty average-heavy.

This move does raise some interesting questions, though. How are the Bucs going to make room for Young? My guess is by cutting Craig Monroe (and I’d be all for that move), but since Young started his career in the middle infield, I suppose they could do it by demoting Luis Cruz. That seems unlikely since he’s been an outfielder for several years now, but Cruz has barely played so it’s possible.

The next question is whether or not Young will cut in to Brandon Moss or Nyjer Morgan’s playing time. It’s pretty clear that Huntington likes Young and he’s got an interesting enough track record that I doubt he was acquired to replace Monroe on the end of the bench. I’m willing to bet that Young will get some at-bats and it’ll be interesting to see who it is he takes those at-bats from.

Pat Lackey

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