Pitchers and catchers report links

It’s finally here! Pitchers and catchers report today and before you know it, spring training games will be starting. A bit of not safe for work language follows in the embedded clip, but it’s totally worth it.

Meanwhile, around the interwebs, the Pirates clinched the pennant in the 1924 and You Are There! replay of the ’24 season. I’m not sure why this makes me happy, but it does. There are a few games left in the season before the Pirates and the Actual World Champion Senators kick off their Stat-O-Series.

And I’m really excited to be able to mention that Jeff, the brains behind 1924 is kicking off another replay blog/league at the end of this month for the 1977 season and I’ve been asked to ghost-manage the Pirates. The other managers are a bunch of big-time internet luminaries that I’m not certain I’m worthy to share pixels with, but I’m sure Dave Parker will have no qualms pounding them all into submission. I’ll probably post more about this as the league launches.

The secound round of the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog tournament is underway and it ends tonight at 7 PM, so make sure you get your votes in before then.

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