Post winter meetings poll

With the winter meetings over, I’ve got one big question left1: should the Pirates still be trying to acquire a shortstop with JJ Hardy off the market. That’s the topic of today’s WHYGAVS Poll. Right now, I’m leaning towards Brendan Ryan; he’s younger than Bartlett, his defense is very good, and he’s got a couple of decent offensive seasons under his belt. He’s not a superstar or anything, but I’d rather have him than the guy the Cardinals have chose in his place (Ryan Theriot). As for Bartlett, he might not really be an option at this point, but since the Padres trade is off the table we’ll assume the Pirates have a shot at him, should they want it. 

So should they still make a trade? Is there someone else they should be after? 

1- There are also discussions to have (are the Pirates doing the right thing/are they doing enough/are they doing too much/should they trade Paul Maholm), but those all deserve some more depth, as far as I’m concerned

Pat Lackey

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