Ross Ohlendorf and Joel Piniero go at it at 7:05 at PNC park tonight, but you won’t be able to watch on TV in Pittsburgh because it’s been preempted by Game 7 of the Penguins/Captials series. I think we all agree that this Pens/Caps matchup is sufficiently epic to boot a May baseball game from the airwaves. In fact, I’d encourage to watch this hockey game, even if you’re not a hockey fan. It’s certainly what I’m going to be watching tonight.

But I will say that a win for the Bucs tonight would be huge. We need to put some space between us and that eight-game losing streak and the only way to do that is to win baseball games. I think we’ve got a chance of Ohlendorf can get a bunch of grounders and keep the Cards’ bats in check. I guess we’ll have to see. Or at least read about it.

Pat Lackey

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