Programming note

I’ll be appearing on the UCB Radio Hour podcast tonight for a special two-hour episode in which a bunch of bloggers discuss the NL Central. The show starts at 10 (Eastern, of course) and I’ll be on around 10:50 for Pirate discussion and the ensuing roundtable in which I express my seething dislike of every other team in the division and then everyone else laughs at me because I’m a Pirate fan. I know that’s awfully late for anyone on the East Coast, but the link to the podcast is here. You can listen live and it’s my understanding that there will be a chat room where you can ask us questions during the show. Once the show is over, it should be archived at the same link, so if you’re reading this after the show ends you can still click there to check it out.

The only thing worth mentioning from today’s game against the Phillies is that Hayden Penn did not look particularly good in his one-inning outing, which may (or may not) affect the Pirates’ plans to bring him north with the club. If he gets cut, the team will most likely choose to go with 11 pitchers and will keep two out of the Ramon Vazquez/John Raynor/Steve Pearce trio instead of just one.

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