Quick hits on Wilson, Sanchez, and Sano

Two quick notes on a couple of things we’ve been talking about for a few days:

Rob Biertempfel wrote (Tweeted? What a stupid word.) last night that both Wilson and Sanchez rejected their contract offers. DK is reporting that the offers are for two years, with Wilson’s for $8 million total and Sanchez’s for $10 million and that there’s no flexibility on the Pirates’ side of the offer. John Perrotto says that Sanchez rejected his offer because he thinks he’s worth more (and he’s probably right), which in turn lead to Wilson rejecting his offer because he can’t carry the One Ring to Mount Doom on his own. (Hat-tip to Prez at FanHouse for starting the Frodo/Sam jokes about Jack and Freddy)

Meanwhile, DK and Jen Langosch have both said that the Sano investigation is not complete and won’t be until next week. Meanwhile, Jorge Arangure has been saying that Sano wants to sign with the Pirates, but his agent is pushing him to accept more money from someone else (not sure of who, though). He still seems to think the Pirates are the favorites, though I’m sure Sano’s camp would deny that if directly asked. Arangure did nail the Cheslor Cuthbert situation, though, and he seems to have a good feel for this stuff. I wouldn’t dismiss what he says out of hand, even if much of it does seem to be opinion.

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