Rebounds and roster moves

Last night’s game was terrible, but as of right now It’s Only One Game. Lots of teams have one bad game; it’s an inevitable reality in a 162 game season. The difference between the good teams and the mediocre teams and the bad teams is what happens after those bad games. Bad games become bad stretches for bad teams. Better teams? They find a way to shake things off. 

Erik Bedard gets the task of helping the club shake their bad game off last night. He looked awfully good in his last start after a rough first inning, but part of me is a little curious if Karstens’ rush through rehab to start on Monday (remember, it was initially reported that he could pitch “any night this week”) didn’t have something to do with getting Bedard an extra day of rest. I’m going to be suspsicious of his health all year, but given his struggles before his last start against the Twins I’m extra concerned. Hopefully we’ll see the Bedard that mowed down seven Twins and only allowed six baserunners in six innings last week.

Drew Sutton will be in Philly for his first game as a Pirate tonight, and Eric Fryer will come up from Indianapolis to join him as a precaution with Rod Barajas’s knee still sore from his collision with Jimmy Rollins last night.  Matt Hague and Doug Slaten have both been optioned back to Indy to make room for Sutton and Fryer, though there must be a second corresponding move to get Fryer onto the 40-man roster. There’s no one left to move to the 60-day DL and so that presumably means a minor leaguer is coming off of the roster.

First pitch tonight is at 7:05. Vance Worley goes for the Phils.  

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