Report: Aroldis Chapman NL Central bound, likely headed for Cincy

I’m headed out for the afternoon in a few minutes, but I wanted to mention that Jeff Passan is reporting, via his Twitter account, that Aroldis Chapman has signed with an NL Central team. He seems pretty sure that Cincinnati is the destination given the recent reports that they were very interested, but apparently his source hasn’t given him a team for sure yet (don’t misread the tweet about the flight from Fort Lauderdale to Cincy as him having knowledge that Chapman was on the flight, I’m pretty sure he’s just matching the time he knows Chapman left with an existing flight).

The Pirates showed some interest in Chapman in the past (remember that Rene Gayo went to his workouts), though it was repeatedly stressed that their interest wasn’t serious. Still, only Passan has a report up and John Fay (the Cincy Enquirer’s Reds writer) hasn’t mentioned anything on his Reds blog yet (other writers are ruling teams out mostly via Twitter; MLB Trade Rumors has the best information on this, as usual) The evidence pointing to the Reds seems circumstantial, so if you’re looking for something to do this afternoon besides watch your two least favorite football teams play you’ve got some pages to refresh for a while.

Pat Lackey

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