The Pirates have an off-day today for the first time since August 2nd. I had hoped that they would make it through this last 20-game stretch with a record of 12-8. Had they pulled that off, they’d have a commanding lead for the second wild card spot, and they’d be 2 1/2 games behind the Reds in the NL Central (I’m assuming that one of the five extra wins that I’m trying to find for them would have come against the Reds, so it’d be a six-game swing and not a five-game one). Instead, the Pirates went 7-13. This has not been as disastrous as it might seem; the Pirates only just now dropped out of the second wild card spot and they’re still a half-game behind the Cardinals, who they play next week. 

The Pirates were shut down by an unimpressive rookie last night who was in the Frontier League in 2010. They need this off day. I kind of think us Pirate fans need it, too. Regroup, regroup, regroup. There’s still baseball left to play.  

Pat Lackey

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