RIP Vince Lascheid

Sad news today, as long-time Pirates and Penguins organist Vince Lascheid has at the age of 85. Everyone that’s been to a Pirate game has spent some sitting in the stands, trying to decipher just what Lascheid’s had in mind with the jingles he used to choose for opposing players. I still remember being at Three Rivers in the late 1990s with Chris Gomez at the plate for the Padres, hearing the Addams’ Family theme song and finally making the connection in my brain after a few minutes. I just don’t think many parks still have guys like Lascheid on the organ (if they have organs at all), and even if the Pirates’ keep playing his recordings at the game, one of the most underrated and unique aspects of PNC Park is gone.

RIP, Vince. You’ll be missed.

Pat Lackey

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