Robbie Grossman is not messing around in the AFL

Through two days of action in the Arizona Fall League, Robbie Grossman is 5-for-9 with two homers and a double. The AFL is always very hitter-friendly, both because of the location and because the pitching talent in the league is generally low as teams are saving pitchers’ arms at this point in the year, but, well, it’s hard to complain about Grossman’s start. 

Keith Law is out in Arizona watching a bunch of the games, and his Twitter account is absolutely worth paying attention to while he’s out there. He saw both of Grossman’s homers: he described the first as being very wind-aided, but the second as “loud,”  which is good. He says Gerrit Cole is still in instructionals for now and he won’t be out in Arizona until the weekend. Presumably, I would think that means he’ll start sometime next week. 

Pat Lackey

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