Ronny Paulino is a Pirate no more

Let’s just say that I’ve written out two posts tonight about this article in the BCT, only to have them eaten by the lack of an autosave function on this new-fangled blogging platform, which is something that I’m not used to. I’ll probably get to it again later tonight, but I’m not typing it out a third time right now.

Luckily, there’s actually some news to talk about instead. DK is reporting tonight that the Pirates have sent Ronny “Ballgame” Paulino to Philadelpha for minor league catcher Jason Jaramillio. Jaramillo’s numbers are … uninspiring, though he played for John Russell in Ottawa in 2007 and I’m guessing the move is at least partially rooted in that. To me, this move looks like a pure, “We don’t want you, so pack up your bags and get the hell out” trade. Paulino killed the ball in AAA last year and he’s doing it again this winter in the Domincan, so it makes little sense to me to trade him for a guy that’s put up an OPS of .711 two straight years in AAA. This is pure speculation on my part, but the Pirates seem like they wanted to rid themselves of Paulino and since his value is pretty low right now, Huntington just went after a guy that got a high recommendation from Russell for whatever reason.

UPDATE: Dejan updated his post while I was typing mine out to say that the Pirates did indeed like Jaramillo because Russell managed him two years ago.

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